Wednesday, October 24, 2007


This is a water dispenser. Many villas in Kuwait have water dispensers placed at the entrance so that passers by can quench their thirst. These water dispensers come in many different designs. There is a filter in the rear to filter the water. I particularly liked this one. It's so............ Alibaba!
Did you have your eight glasses today?


~tanty~ said...

This water dispenser is very interesting and yes it's so ... Alibaba :) We definitely don't have it here.

I think I always forget to drink water. I drink it only when I feel thirsty. That's not good I know. I will try to drink eight glasses a day.

Thank you very much for your many nice comments on my blog. I do appreciate it and please come back again :D

maria elisa said...

very interesting....


Jim said...

That looks neat.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

I would not have guessed that it is a water dispenser. It looks very nice. In the US and Canada there are water "fountains" outside libraries and in offices. In these, you press a button and water streams upwards which you catch in your mouth, thus obviating the need for a glass. But here I see two taps (if I am right). Are there glasses there or do people use their own or do they use their hands to drink water?

The filter is such a good idea.
I am somewhat surprised to see unpaved footpath or to see absence of any grass there.

WebOJ said...

That, infact, is a paved foothpath. If it's not paved, it's only sand in Kuwait! :-)

We have those water fountains too, though at the Airport, Libraries etc.

Sometimes there are glasses and sometimes not. If there are glasses, more often than not, they are not chained to the dispenser. The best part is, nobody steals the glasses!! I'll try and get a pic of a dispenser with an unchanied glass.

As for grass, it's imported from Australia etc. (like a 2 feet carpet roll) and placed in the sand. I wonder how it grows. You give me a lot of food for thought!

I like your comments and so am not deleting them.

I can see see your blog pic now.

smilnsigh said...

I love it!!!

And a good idea that is... providing public sources of water.

No I didn't yet have my 8 glasses. But I always do eventually. I love my water. :-)


Amrita said...

the jug is really interesting. we should have those in india too.Really good idea.What is it made of?

Antonia said...

We have this tradition in Bulgaria too - not specially at the entrance, but in the streets, gardens, country paths...etc - it's like to do something especially Good!
Thank you for visiting SofiaDaily!

Ann (MobayDP) said...

I think I barely had four glasses. :(

This is a very interesting water fountain. I wonder if it is very expensive for the villa owner to maintain.

@weboj: I think Bluey of Dubai Daily Photo showed a public water fountain with an unchained silver cup not too long ago.

WebOJ said...

The villa owner does not maintain it. The Muncipality maintains it. The Govt. here is very supportive of the Kuwaiti citizens.

zakscloset said...

CUTE!!!! i love that idea! they really are so creative with water dispensers!

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

@ann - JFYI, I got an error (404) when I clicked on the link ( showed a public water fountain with an unchained silver cup )