Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Bus Stop

That's a bus stop. Not all bus stops look alike and I'll post other bus stops in future. Believe me when I say that no Kuwaiti has or ever will ride the bus. Busses are made use of by Indians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis, Iranians, Egyptians etc. etc. but NEVER by the Kuwaities. They are not being snobbish. They have cars, petrol is cheap and they have no need for busses!!


Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Oh good, I like to see different types of bus stops. I read in a travelogue in the local newspaper that bus stops in the southern Chinese city of Shenzhen have an internet connection, but I have got conflicting reports when I tried to find people from Shenzhen and ask them this. New bus stops are going to be built here as well, but they are not able to find enough space to build bus bays in spite of road wideneing. It is a sorry state of affairs here. Even though there are no queues in Hyd (unlike Mumbai and Pune) there are iron railings from old days. Now these iron railings are being pulled out by people and presumably sold because iron prices are so high. I am kind of surprised to see such a basic bus stop in Kuwait, but it makes sense after reading your description (no Kuwaitis use it).
They need to build vandal-proof bus stops here because people tend to destroy public property here on the drop of a hat (or a pagdi?).

I appreciate the fact that the Kuwaitis dont need to use the busses and have a lot of oil. But elsewhere in the world people are busy finding renewable energy sources. Just today they showed on TV a Swiss guy visiting Mumbai with his "solar taxi" which he built himself. While looking for his website, I came across this link which tells me that he has been to the Middle East already.
Perhaps you have seen him on TV in Kuwait. Here is more info about the solar taxi: http://solartaxi.divio.ch/

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Hi, this is a separate comment in response to your question about moderating/approving comments.

You wrote:
"Hi, is there any particular reason you approve the comments before you post them? Just curious!"

Initially I thought the reason to approve/moderate comments is the obvious one - i.e. in case someone posts inappropriate comments or if someone spams the blog. But after posting comments on other people's blog I have come to realize another reason - even if the comments are not inappropriate in the usual sense (language, controversial content (political/religious)), it may still be better to not publish them because they could be private comments/questions to the blogger. For example, someone visited my blog but was not able to view a photo and said that she would have been interested in viewing it. I don't know how/why the photo had disappeared (!!) but I reposted the photo and then went to her blog and left a comment there saying that I had reposted the photo and to please revisit. She did stop by, but I found that she had not published my comment. So I learned that this could be one of the uses of approving/moderating. Although in case of that particular visitor there was an email link available, not all bloggers provide an email link, so the only way to communicate with them is via the comments section. After that experience, I have also not published two people's comments so far, because they were addressed to me and did not involve direct comment on my blog entry. One of them is your question above (I have not published it).

BTW, I have posted this as a separate comment from the above because you can delete it after reading. For that matter you can delete the earlier comments on bus stop as well. :)

Thank you for your kind words and encouragement. I think I am a horrible photographer. I just point and shoot. I hope to learn the basics and finer points of photography such as composing and texture etc. I understand your point about posting photos about cities rather than details of zoomed objects. But I think there are two reasons why people may be doing it (or may be three). One is that the object they zoomed on is unique to their city. Another is that they may have run out of street scenes so to speak. Sometimes street scenes tend to look similar from one city to another (in which case, perhaps it serves the purpose to show others that the cities have a lot in common). Yet another reason could be that people are using this "forum" to showcase their work ;) ;) I think I am going to run out of things to show and I may also resort to showing smaller objects. The reason I may run out of things to show is that I am not always able to go out and take photos just to show for this blog. It is difficult to go out just to take photos given the lack of time and also given the hassle to travel in the city. But one of the "rules" of the DP blogs is a commitment to posting one photo a day (no more no less if you have read the information on the website, but I have come across people who are not able to post daily and also those who post more than one). But overall, I think this is a great project because it is such a visual treat, and also it brings people closer.

Thanks for your comments about the quotes as well. Not everyone is able to appreciate them, and not everyone knows/notices that they are relevant quotes. Sometimes it takes me a long time to find an appropriate quote. Even though I have been collecting quotes for decades and had memorized a few thousand, now I don't remember them verbatim, and I use the web to search for them. In the past I have used appropriate quotes in my emails because supporting quotes boost the effectiveness of my email. More recently, for the past few years I have noticed relevant quotes in ToI (front page of Times of India). But I have to admit that the idea of including a quote in my post came from other bloggers. My initial few posts did not have any quotes. I did find 2-3 other bloggers who had posted very appropriate/fitting quotes on their blog and since I love quotes and appreciate them, I started to do it myself. Even if you did not think of it first, you can still do it when it strikes your fancy. :)

I will try to post a Sania pic but it would have to one from a newspaper or the web, since I have not photographed her myself. :)
I may wait till Dec when she is back in to the game (now she is out due to her injury).

And I have a request in return - how about posting pics of Kuwaiti currency?


WebOJ said...

I loved both your comments and your ideas and your suggestions. I never would have thought of posting Kuwait's currency. That's so fantastic. Thank you.

~tanty~ said...

It gives me an idea to post the bus stop here also. Thanks.
And the photo itself, looks ok to me :)

Amrita said...

Rightly so. This bus stop llooks like those in Dilli

Neva said...

What an interesting read from Hyberadad...I too wondered why he approves comments first...I did hit the "o anonymous allowed" after a few not so nice/inappropriate comments left by an anonymous person.....I love the CDPB and wonder when I will run out of pictures as well....but I have learned so much from visiting blogs of the CDPB...I am sure I will learn from you as well. I am curious to see your currencey. Let me know when you post it!

zakscloset said...

it's hard to believe that in some parts of the world petrol is actually cheap! i sold my truck when the gas went up to $3.50/gallon in the u.s. now i'm in the u.k. and i can't even rent a car cause it costs $8.00/gallon!

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

@zakscloset - Gas has always been much more expensive in Europe than the US. BTW, is petrol sold in litres in the UK? The US Gallon is around 3.78 ltrs whereas the Imperial (UK) Gallon is around 4.5 ltrs (and is no longer legal in the UK according to wikipedia). Petrol is subsidized in India and at Rs 50/ltr, it will be about USD 4.75 a US gallon.