Monday, January 7, 2008


Kuwait's money is the Kuwaiti Dinar. (KD). The small change is called, "Fils". (Pronounced, "Fills".) Notes come in denominations of Quarter Kd., Half Kd., One Kd., Five Kd., 10 Kd. and 20 Kd.
Kd.1 = US$3.66 / GBP 1.86 / Indian Rs. 144
Kuwait is one of the few major capital-exporting countries. i.e. The State has more income at its disposal than it spends, and this surplus money is invested overseas or lent to the international banking sector. (Source : National Economics Encyclopedia)
My Kuwaiti friend tells me that there is no restriction to the amount of money you bring into Kuwait or take out (even if it's filled in suitcases!!!) Before you try it, please check with official authorities!
Yes! Yes! We do get our money's worth in Kuwait!!!


Amrita said...

that 's why you call it the land of milk and MONEY

Kerri said...

Wow -- very colorful money!
Lots of English on the money and on the signs....I guess English is spoken a lot there?

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Thank you for posting this. It is very interesting to see the notes. The US money has "In God we trust" and the Kuwaiti money has "We seek God's assistance". Interesting to see that even though the Arabic "dot" script is read right to left, the numbers seem to be written left to right. I mean the denomination of 20 - I am only guessing that the "diamond" is a zero indeed.

Also interesting to know about the capital exporting status and that you can take money in suitcases.

Good post!

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Please read
"the Arabic "dot" script"
"the Arabic script"

~tanty~ said...

The design of the money is more interesting than Norwegian krone I think :) It's colorful.

Kevin - said...

Can I have a Kd.20 note for my collection? (evil laugh Muhhaahahaha)

b.c. said...

I liked seeing these notes very much, and, as always, a very fun read

eda said...