Saturday, December 29, 2007

Learn English

Arabic is the national language and most Arabs don't speak English very well. The Government too works in Arabic. Many offer English learning classes to Arabs and people of all communities who want to learn English.


Kevin - said...

So many commas!,,,,,,

Rauf said...

Reminds me of the comedy series ;Mind your language'
Mr. Brown the teacher.
Happy New year Web OJ

Dan said...

Hi Web-oj. Thanks for the post today. I find the mid-eastern culture facinating and your blog provides a window into what life is like there. Thanks for doing this.

Is there much of a demand for english speaking Kuwaities? In other words, what is the advantage or motivation for them to learn english?

Rauf said...

By the way you have to keep using the 5700 almost everyday, switch on and switch it off. This model develops CCD problems if kept unused for long

Jim said...

I could use a good english class, and english is my 1st and only language.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Interesting to know. I see that someone has written the words "Indian" and "Muslim lady" in pen next to the printed word "teacher".

I am curious to know if male Kuwaitis are open to learning from women teachers. My guess would be that they are since Kuwait is more open and liberated than its neighbors. A man originally from Palestine (Jordan) enrolled for an English class in a US college and when he found that the teacher is a woman, he refused to learn English from her and dropped out. I know every culture has its own ideas and beliefs, but personally I think women are the best teachers, especially for languages. Afterall, our first teacher is our mother.

Hyderabad Daily Photo said...

Hmmm. After submitting my comment above, I reread the ad. It says "Good news for Arabic students".
Should it be "Arab students"?
"Arabic students" gives me the impression that the student is studying Arabic, although one of the meanings of the word "Arabic" is "Arab". I tend to associate "Arab" with people and culture and "Arabic" with the language. (And "Arabian" with "Arabian Nights" ;-) ;-P )